ICEE Fest – First half of day 1 – Updates

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Ioana Rebeca Glitia 12:13 PM
We’re live at the ICEE Fest in Eastern Europe. Make sure you follow us for Day 1 updates #iceefest
Ioana Rebeca Glitia 12:19 PM
uploaded this image: ‪@meagan ‘There’s NY, and there’s the rest of the world.’ Meet the woman leading digital for NYT in the rest of the world. #measure #iCEEfest‬
Ioana Rebeca Glitia 12:28 PM
uploaded this image: Image uploaded from iOS
Simon Halsted – Head of Demand Dev at AOL sharing value of European ad market
Ioana Rebeca Glitia 1:03 PM
uploaded this image: DCWokWxXUAAB5OQ
8 years ago ppl used mobile for mobility. 5 yrs ago mobile shopping was hell. Now it’s 1 of the fastest growing categories #measure @magicjc
Ioana Rebeca Glitia 2:53 PM
Up Next: Karolina Janus, CEE Client Solutions Manager of Facebook is about to talk about “everything you wanted to know about Performance on Facebook but were afraid to ask”

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