Using segments is one of the most crucial tools in doing analysis. I’m sure many analysts started on the road to analysis with simple reports in Google Analytics and got themselves in trouble using segments in a faulty way. It even happens on occasion to the best Sr. Analysts. Let’s consider the experience of a very junior analyst named Hal Fwit. Hal one day happily reported to his boss on how much traffic they got in the last 7 days. He very quickly realized that…Continue Reading “The adventures of a junior analyst in the realm of segments”

How do you simultaneously help boost a test-driven culture, conveniently monitor test results and measure more KPIs than just the main conversion variable you set up in your testing tool?   Simple, build an A/B Test Dashboard. With the help of your developer and account manager for the A/B Testing tool you use, you can implement a custom dimension to allow everything I mentioned to be achieved in a dashboard. First, the technical part: Implement a Treatment Version Custom Dimension The first element required is…Continue Reading “Why You Should Build an A/B Test Dashboard”

As analysts or marketers, we have so many balls we are already juggling, that it can be difficult to make sure that any number of executives are kept up to date on how the certain elements of the business are performing. Granted, we should have dashboards for this exact purpose! But when a new campaign is being run that is the boss’s pet campaign, you won’t want to update your dashboard just for that campaign. We need an easier way for these one-off requests to…Continue Reading “Create Comparisons Right in Adobe Analysis Workspace”