It’s been less than half a year since we launched the first FREE Cloud-Data-to-Tableau connector, and we’ve already helped hundreds of companies around the world ease the work of their analytics team.   Among many other things, it made importing Adobe Analytics to Tableau so much easier that we like to say we finally allowed Tableau to love Adobe Analytics. Same goes for Adwords, Kochava, Bing, and all other data sources that we support.   In these months we’ve managed to greatly reduce the…Continue Reading “First free Cloud-Data-to-Tableau connector: helping hundreds of companies, saving thousands of hours of work, importing millions of data streams. 4 Reasons why we’re offering it for free”

Part of our Cognetik team headed to Houston to help with Hurricane Harvey aftermath. We believe in our mission to help however we can, as much as we can, and as people around us needed urgent aid, a Cognetik Disaster Response Team packed up and hit the road to help in the relief efforts surrounding the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Together with Cat Iuga, Dan Saugstad, Emeel Mkary, Jon Boone, Mike Plant and Jesse Jencsik, we drove for 20 hours straight in a bumpy RV,…Continue Reading “Cognetik Team heads to Houston to help with Harvey aftermath – To Be Updated”

Today is an exciting day for us! Jenn Kunz and I just boarded our flights for Romania, home of the ‘other half’ of Cognetik. We’re thrilled and humbled to announce the start of our Grand Analytics Tour in Romania, a series of free public events in 3 major cities, meant to share the wisdom and knowledge we built in the many years as analysts and engineers for Fortune 500 companies. The Romanian team is an essential part of our business – we found a lot…Continue Reading “The Grand Analytics Tour in Romania: Raising a New Generation of Young Analysts”