Back in 2007, I decided to change my path, leaving behind a successful career in TV as a producer. I was able to use my project management experience as the entry point to digital marketing and analytics. I also joined Market Motive, in a crash course to learn about marketing online, and obtained their “Master Certified in Digital Analytics” certificate. Nine years later, I had to undergo Domo partner training, which focused more than 40% of the time on how to define a customer’s need…Continue Reading “Lights, data, action! What do TV Production & Analytics have in common?”

Project management scares many analytics consultants. Through my career I’ve seen fewer and fewer subject matter experts with project management skills. Yet, it is critical to any analytics initiative success. In this blog, I will offer some ideas and hope to start a conversation around this subject. On a high level, there are two main project management methodologies:      Agile / Scrum      Waterfall While we will not go into each in detail, I will point out the main difference. An agile project management method is built…Continue Reading “Project management in analytics: No matter how scary, it’s critical to any analytics initiative success”

I’ve enjoyed a rich career in the digital analytics industry for just under a decade and I am excited to have joined Cognetik as the Executive Director of Client Success. During my career in Analytics, I had the opportunity to lead amazing teams in midsize to enterprise-size implementations, analyses, data visualization and optimizations. I also enjoyed providing corporate training as well as one-on-one business mentorship as a mentor.  I had a rocky start in the online marketing space, which gave me a big appetite for…Continue Reading “The four questions to ask before starting an analytics initiative”