Adobe DTM Launch: Improvements for Single Page Apps

It’s finally here! Adobe released the newest version of DTM, known as “Launch”. There are already some great resources out there going over some of the new features (presumably including plenty of “Launchey Launch” puns), which includes: Extensions/Integrations Better Environment Controls/Publishing Flow New, Streamlined Interface But there is one thing I’ve been far more excited about than any other: Single Page App compatibility. I’ve mentioned on my personal blog some of the problems the old DTM has had with Single Page Apps: Page Load Rules (PLRs) can’t fire later…Continue Reading “Adobe DTM Launch: Improvements for Single Page Apps”

I know a lot of folks are eager to know what the new version of Launch (formerly known unofficially as “Reactor”) means for them. Adobe’s official news doesn’t hold a lot of tactical info, so we will update this post as information becomes more publicly available! (Hat tip to Randy Floyd for the pic).  Integrations in the Launch open framework Currently in DTM, you have built-in tools for the Adobe products as well as Google Analytics. Any other tags you want to deploy get lumped into the “third…Continue Reading “Breaking News: The New DTM “Launch” Is Official!”

An analytics practice has some unique challenges as far as project management goes. They are accountable for delivering quality data, but there are many elements out of their control: once you deliver technical specifications, you have to “hurry up and wait” until developers have questions or are ready for validation documentation and validation often happen on “moving targets”, where the site map or functionality may be in flux right up until they are released release cycles rarely include a window of time with a stable…Continue Reading “Building a Strong Analytics Practice: #3- Putting Processes in Place”

Once you have clear ownership within your core team, you need to get a global view of how data is used at your company. Once you’ve accounted for all the different moving pieces, it can be easier to: Communicate clearly to the right people Represent your team’s priorities to the rest of the org Involve the right people in relevant decision-making processes Have the right scope when planning new projects Get more use out of your data by increasing its audience Ensure that org-wide critical…Continue Reading “Building a Strong Analytics Practice: #2 Connecting your Organization”

Imagine this conversation: Joe: “I just got the wireframes for the new site filtering tool. We need an analytics BRD and Tech Spec so developers can begin work.” Anna: “But my team of developers is working on a priority project through November then goes into 3-month code freeze!” Joe: “K, well, this new site feature is also a priority, and we need tracking on the new filtering tool. “ Mike: “Our reporting needs to focus on the KBOs that just came down from the top….Continue Reading “Building a Strong Analytics Practice: #1- Your Core Team”

Who’s driving this thing? Our industry is full of intelligent, motivated people. Yet it feels like so often, for the amount of effort and thought we put into our Analytics solutions, we never quite get the full value that we know is there. As an analytics/data engineer, most of the work that comes across my desk is very tactical- deep-dive audits, technical specifications, configuring variables, setting up dashboards… these are all very valid and worthy activities, yet I still often hear frustration from my clients…Continue Reading “Intro to Building a Strong Analytics Practice”