If you’re at, or paying attention to the Adobe Summit, you are hearing the word “experience” a lot. The basic claim Adobe is making about experiences is this: “Becoming an experience-based business is how you will succeed. And with today’s competitive landscape, you don’t have many other options“.   This theme is certainly not new to the Summit, and one I don’t think will go away anytime soon. Every company in this day and age is looking for a competitive advantage, one that will keep…Continue Reading “Adobe Summit: Five Practical Steps For Becoming an Experience-Based Business”

Emotional Intelligence Tableau Edition – A Dashboard for Your Soul

Since I am at the Tableau Conference right now, I thought I would write my next emotional intelligence blog post through the lens of a dashboard. You might not be aware of this, but dashboards have use outside of the field of analytics and reporting. The concept of a dashboard can act as a mental model for us to better understand specific components of life; in this case – emotions. In this article I want to outline how we can use the idea of a…Continue Reading “Emotional Intelligence Tableau Edition – A Dashboard for Your Soul”

Tableau Conference LIVE updates – Exciting new Features in the Queue!

Tableau just had their “Dev’s on Stage” keynote, which is a detailed description of all the new features they are releasing. We thought you would want to hear about this as well, so hear is the list! Sorting New Nested Sorting – You don’t have to build custom calculations anymore. Automatically calculates based upon global dimensions, which means nested sorting is easier than ever now. Viz in Tooltip – You can have sheets within a tooltip now! Straight crazy. Gridlines within Dashboard – You can…Continue Reading “Tableau Conference LIVE updates – Exciting new Features in the Queue!”

  What do you think of when you think of Tableau? BI reporting? Pretty graphs? Slow load times? Well, get ready to change your mindset, because Tableau is expanding into more areas of the analytics space. After attending their first keynote this morning at the Tableau Conference, it’s pretty clear they are looking to become more than just a reporting tool.   The first major issue Tableau is hoping to tackle is data governance, which is a worthy adversary. We all know this is a…Continue Reading “How Tableau is Becoming More Important to Your Organization”

  This is the first episode of a video series talking about psychology and analytics. In this video, we’re going to cover everything about emotional intelligence, the new buzzword that’s on everyone’s mind. What is emotional intelligence, how can it help you be a better analyst and how you can profit from it, with real life examples.     Read here the full transcript of the video:   Hello everyone, this is Jon, and welcome back to the Cognetik Blog.   Today is the first…Continue Reading “Episode 1. Understanding emotional intelligence: How can it help you become a better analyst?”

Dear dashboard obsessors, I am concerned about your zeal and overall passion for the tools we call dashboards. Let me start by saying that I am not down on dashboards, I make dashboards all the time. I believe dashboards are an integral piece to the process of gaining insights from the data we collect. But I also believe that dashboards are not the only tool necessary for gathering insights from our data. My concern is we do not agree on this point. As I hear you talk about…Continue Reading “A Letter to Dashboard Addicts”

Starting a thought provoking video-series on the intersection of psychology and analytics. How do they work together? What’s the role of psychology in the relationships we develop with our clients? What role does psychology play in understanding user behavior as an analyst? How can we deal with our emotions and how to cope with both success and failure? Read the transcript:  Hey everyone! My name is Jon and welcome to the Cognetik Blog! Today I have something really exciting to talk to you about. I…Continue Reading “What do Psychology and Digital Analytics have in common? More than you might think!”

Last week I attended the Adobe UnSummit and heard a talk from Michael Helbling that caught my attention. Michael didn’t talk about some new analytics tool, he didn’t even talk about technology, he talked about people. As I’ve reflected on this talk more, I realized that so much of the content we produce in the analytics industry is around tech. Perhaps this is for a good reason, but have we neglected other important areas of business? I think the answer is yes, and I think…Continue Reading “A practical guide to improving your emotional intelligence and the way you do business”

One of the sessions I attended at the Adobe Summit was titled “Advanced analysis with Adobe Analytics and R” and put on by Jessica Langford, Trevor Paulsen, and Randy Zwitch. In this session Randy and Jessica went through a few demos of how they use R and Adobe Analytics in some unique ways. I’ll outline two use cases they talked about: one analysis demo and one data sharing demo. 1. Page Load Time Analysis Jessica Langford talked about a specific use case where she wanted…Continue Reading “A special kind of relationship and the cool things they do together, starring Adobe Analytics, R and Catalyst”

Are you a fan of Tableau? How about Adobe Analytics? Both? Chances are you have interacted with both tools, which means you have also likely tried to figure out how to get Adobe data into Tableau. If you have faced challenges trying to get Adobe Analytics data into Tableau, this article is for you! If you are not familiar with why this process is challenging, let me give you a quick rundown: Tableau is a software which connects to data sources in many ways, one…Continue Reading “A cure for the pain: How to automate importing Adobe Analytics data into Tableau”