Thousands of fellow analysts and data people are joining Vegas to share powerful insights and case studies about their work with the Adobe Product Suite, as well as different implementations in their companies.   Starting Monday, analysts and marketers from all over the world will take over the Convention Centers at the Palazzo and the Venetian in Vegas, and hundreds of people from our wonderful community will start to energize the place.   Whether you’re going to attend the Adobe Summit, or you just…Continue Reading “Twitter handles to follow from the Adobe Summit 2018 – Here’s how not to miss an update from one of the biggest data events of the year”

Part of the Cognetik team just landed in Vegas for the Adobe Summit. Hurray! First stop: UnSummit, where our very own Daniel Herdean and Matt Alexander will share powerful insights

  Part of the Cognetik team just landed in Vegas for the Adobe Summit. During our flight, we’ve heard at least half a dozen excited people across the plane talking about the Adobe Summit. They were talking about what sessions they wanted to attend, which tools they hoped will get updates, about their companies, almost battling each other over who works in the coolest place.   We were both impressed and grateful to be part of this community, where young professionals and veterans in analytics…Continue Reading “Part of the Cognetik team just landed in Vegas for the Adobe Summit. Hurray! First stop: UnSummit, where our very own Daniel Herdean and Matt Alexander will share powerful insights”

  Adobe Summit 2018 will bring more than 530 speakers on the stage, who will take part in over 320 sessions across the 5-days event. Safe to say that the event will be massive, right?   Besides Adobe, this year’s event will boast speakers from Facebook, Coca-Cola, Twitter, LinkedIn, NFL as well as people from other companies doing an amazing job using the Adobe product suite.   Visit our Adobe Summit Page for the most comprehensive coverage on what’s coming out of this year’s Adobe…Continue Reading “Adobe Summit 2018 – Who’s expected to rock the stage in Vegas: from Sir Richard Branson, to industry thought leaders and comedian Leslie Jones”

Cambridge Analytica. A name that emerged from virtual anonymity and became a trojan horse for Facebook. At least for now.   A small digital company specialized in profiling potential voters for candidates managed to be the epicenter of the biggest scandal in Facebook’s recent history. CA harvested data from the private Facebook profiles of around 50 million users without their consent, making it one of the biggest data breaches in the social network’s history.   Empowered by the data they’ve collected, Cambridge Analytica was able…Continue Reading “Cambridge Analytica: A trojan horse for Facebook and the best example of how illegally harvesting and using private data can always backfire”

  Year after year, analysts know that when spring comes, Adobe Summit is there to greet it.   This year makes no exception, and the Cognetik team is thrilled to be in Vegas once more, at ground zero of one of the biggest events of 2018 in analytics.   This year we’re proud to announce that we’re among the sponsors of the event, which means we have our own booth where we can meet you all in person.   From Monday to Thursday, the Cognetik…Continue Reading “Adobe Summit, here we come! Don’t miss our demos, cool swag and raffle to win a pair of Bose SoundSport at Booth #957-J”

  Google released new features for one of the most popular reporting platforms in the world, introducing a more powerful way to organize and manage access the Analytics accounts: user groups inside Google Analytics, plus enforceable user policies.   By adding the new features, Google aims at increasing website owners’ ability to manage more closely who is accessing the data. The new release also works as an extension of last year’s launches, amplifying their utility.   From now on, analysts will be able to create…Continue Reading “Google Analytics added new features for better user management”

  It’s been more than a year since we started talking about Google’s transition to a mobile-first index, and we finally caught up with the future: Google announced that starting July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.   Google wants to make sure that users are able to find the answers to their questions as fast as possible, considering that studies ended up time after time to the same conclusion: when it comes to page loading speed, size (in…seconds?) really…Continue Reading “Mobile-first index is just around the corner. Google announced the official release date for page-speed based mobile ranking”

  PageSpeed Insights just got smarter, and it’s now using real-world data for even more in-depth suggestions. Could this be one of the clearest mirrors for developers to see themselves and their creations through the ever wandering-eyes of Google?   The tool provides information about how well a page performs and adheres to a set of best practices. Since optimization will be key to the new ranking system Google is rolling out, having a high score is vital for a website to have a real…Continue Reading “Google’s PageSpeed Insights got smarter and uses real-world data for powerful suggestions”

  While Google is preparing to roll-out the new mobile first index ranking system, the tech giant released a new SEO Audit tool for website owners to have in their arsenal and to evaluate the performance of their websites.   The new SEO automated audit tool will be implemented in the Lighthouse extension and, if used right, it will allow marketers to increase the quality of their web-pages.   The Lighthouse extension allows developers to run audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps compatibility and…Continue Reading “The new SEO Audit tool from Google is now available. How’s your website doing?”

  Everything we do in life is determined by emotions. In spite of our best attempts to suppress them, we live in a world driven by emotions, which affect the way we behave, the way we live, the way we love and even the way we lead. But what is emotion if not a data source?   What if we could use the same reasoning we use when spending countless hours segmenting data to make it more meaningful and targetable to our own emotions, to…Continue Reading “Courage in the face of emotions: what is emotion if not a data source?”