Social media is one of the biggest game-changers for business in the past decade since it’s rapidly and irreversibly changing the way people interact with one another. If digital transformation is paramount for companies to stay in business, going social is paramount in order to live and be present, visible and relevant.   Penny Willson, Chief Marketing Officer at Hootsuite, shared part of her experience with social media and what it means for companies who actually implement social strategies.     “There is a widening…Continue Reading “The erosive power of Social Media: how it forever transformed the way we do business.
Penny Wilson, Hootsuite: “In 10 years, 40% of the Fortune 500 companies will no longer exist.””

Adobe DTM Launch: Improvements for Single Page Apps

It’s finally here! Adobe released the newest version of DTM, known as “Launch”. There are already some great resources out there going over some of the new features (presumably including plenty of “Launchey Launch” puns), which includes: Extensions/Integrations Better Environment Controls/Publishing Flow New, Streamlined Interface But there is one thing I’ve been far more excited about than any other: Single Page App compatibility. I’ve mentioned on my personal blog some of the problems the old DTM has had with Single Page Apps: Page Load Rules (PLRs) can’t fire later…Continue Reading “Adobe DTM Launch: Improvements for Single Page Apps”