If you’re at, or paying attention to the Adobe Summit, you are hearing the word “experience” a lot. The basic claim Adobe is making about experiences is this: “Becoming an experience-based business is how you will succeed. And with today’s competitive landscape, you don’t have many other options“.   This theme is certainly not new to the Summit, and one I don’t think will go away anytime soon. Every company in this day and age is looking for a competitive advantage, one that will keep…Continue Reading “Adobe Summit: Five Practical Steps For Becoming an Experience-Based Business”

Case Study: Subway, a journey to digital transformation through personalization

  Most ideas I hear are not based on data, but rather on what people believe. You need to have a model to make those big decisions objective.   Subway undergoes an important digital transformation, in a world where personalizing your customer’s experience is paramount. When each and every one of your customers has hundreds of options, you need to be as precise and accurate as possible when you offer him a personalized experience, one that tailored specifically to his needs.   The Subway digital transformation…Continue Reading “Case Study: Subway, a journey to digital transformation through personalization”

  Adobe Summit, one of the biggest digital analytics conferences in the world, is here and we can feel the buzz and the excitement it radiates.   This year’s event takes place again in Las Vegas, a city where dreams come to life and worries ghost away.   The mere thought of being surrounded for a whole week by so many talented people in the industry, analysts and engineers, marketers and advertisers, BI practitioners and industry leaders, is making our blood rush faster and our…Continue Reading “Adobe Summit keynote presentations: how the main events look like, live, from Vegas”

  The first General Session of the Adobe Summit just ended. It was an incredibly revealing journey that showed us how the future of digital is going to look like. And let me just say this: the future is brAIght!   The main component of today’s presentation was Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Throughout this article, I will extract bits and pieces of what the speakers in the first keynote had to say about AI and the future of digital.    The speakers, from Snahtanu Narayen…Continue Reading “The first general session at Adobe Summit: the future is brAIght. Here’s what you need to know about the new Adobe Launches, updates and features”

Today is the first Adobe Summit day and it started with a wild keynote. Full coverage to follow, but until then, we’re still energized about what happened yesterday at the UnSummit, where 12 speakers talked about new powerful ideas and tools, including new launches for the analytics industry.   Our CEO & Co-Founder, Daniel Herdean, and our Chief Data Engineer & Co-Founder, Matt Alexander, spoke about Combining Multiple Sources to Tell the Whole Story and Simplifying Mobile Analytics Implementations With A Central Data Layer.  …Continue Reading “Day 1 Recap at Adobe Summit: The Cognetik team had a great time at the UnSummit in Vegas”

    This is the first completely free solution to migrate clickstream and marketing data to data warehouses such as Snowflake, Teradata, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, as well as Amazon Redshift, MySQL and Google BigQuery. Read below for additional features you can test with Data Streams by Cognetik Thousands of analysts already use it, sign up here to try it out yourself. Data Streams, one of our two free products, got an important update today: analysts, BI practitioners, and marketers can now migrate analytics and marketing…Continue Reading “Data Streams by Cognetik now supports Snowflake, Teradata, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server”

  Thousands of fellow analysts and data people are joining Vegas to share powerful insights and case studies about their work with the Adobe Product Suite, as well as different implementations in their companies.   Starting Monday, analysts and marketers from all over the world will take over the Convention Centers at the Palazzo and the Venetian in Vegas, and hundreds of people from our wonderful community will start to energize the place.   Whether you’re going to attend the Adobe Summit, or you just…Continue Reading “Twitter handles to follow from the Adobe Summit 2018 – Here’s how not to miss an update from one of the biggest data events of the year”

Part of the Cognetik team just landed in Vegas for the Adobe Summit. Hurray! First stop: UnSummit, where our very own Daniel Herdean and Matt Alexander will share powerful insights

  Part of the Cognetik team just landed in Vegas for the Adobe Summit. During our flight, we’ve heard at least half a dozen excited people across the plane talking about the Adobe Summit. They were talking about what sessions they wanted to attend, which tools they hoped will get updates, about their companies, almost battling each other over who works in the coolest place.   We were both impressed and grateful to be part of this community, where young professionals and veterans in analytics…Continue Reading “Part of the Cognetik team just landed in Vegas for the Adobe Summit. Hurray! First stop: UnSummit, where our very own Daniel Herdean and Matt Alexander will share powerful insights”

  Adobe Summit 2018 will bring more than 530 speakers on the stage, who will take part in over 320 sessions across the 5-days event. Safe to say that the event will be massive, right?   Besides Adobe, this year’s event will boast speakers from Facebook, Coca-Cola, Twitter, LinkedIn, NFL as well as people from other companies doing an amazing job using the Adobe product suite.   Visit our Adobe Summit Page for the most comprehensive coverage on what’s coming out of this year’s Adobe…Continue Reading “Adobe Summit 2018 – Who’s expected to rock the stage in Vegas: from Sir Richard Branson, to industry thought leaders and comedian Leslie Jones”