This is the first episode of a video series talking about psychology and analytics. In this video, we’re going to cover everything about emotional intelligence, the new buzzword that’s on everyone’s mind. What is emotional intelligence, how can it help you be a better analyst and how you can profit from it, with real life examples.     Read here the full transcript of the video:   Hello everyone, this is Jon, and welcome back to the Cognetik Blog.   Today is the first…Continue Reading “Episode 1. Understanding emotional intelligence: How can it help you become a better analyst?”

Part of our Cognetik team headed to Houston to help with Hurricane Harvey aftermath. We believe in our mission to help however we can, as much as we can, and as people around us needed urgent aid, a Cognetik Disaster Response Team packed up and hit the road to help in the relief efforts surrounding the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Together with Cat Iuga, Dan Saugstad, Emeel Mkary, Jon Boone, Mike Plant and Jesse Jencsik, we drove for 20 hours straight in a bumpy RV,…Continue Reading “Cognetik Team heads to Houston to help with Harvey aftermath – To Be Updated”