Thousands of fellow analysts and data people are joining Vegas to share powerful insights and case studies about their work with the Adobe Product Suite, as well as different implementations in their companies.   Starting Monday, analysts and marketers from all over the world will take over the Convention Centers at the Palazzo and the Venetian in Vegas, and hundreds of people from our wonderful community will start to energize the place.   Whether you’re going to attend the Adobe Summit, or you just…Continue Reading “Twitter handles to follow from the Adobe Summit 2018 – Here’s how not to miss an update from one of the biggest data events of the year”

Part of the Cognetik team just landed in Vegas for the Adobe Summit. Hurray! First stop: UnSummit, where our very own Daniel Herdean and Matt Alexander will share powerful insights

  Part of the Cognetik team just landed in Vegas for the Adobe Summit. During our flight, we’ve heard at least half a dozen excited people across the plane talking about the Adobe Summit. They were talking about what sessions they wanted to attend, which tools they hoped will get updates, about their companies, almost battling each other over who works in the coolest place.   We were both impressed and grateful to be part of this community, where young professionals and veterans in analytics…Continue Reading “Part of the Cognetik team just landed in Vegas for the Adobe Summit. Hurray! First stop: UnSummit, where our very own Daniel Herdean and Matt Alexander will share powerful insights”

A new solution for Google Tag Manager’s Scroll Depth Trigger, to solve variable height problems

  October last year, Google Tag Manager introduced a new trigger that would help analysts and engineers track the scroll depth, ‘a must do’ in multiple cases in digital analytics.   In this post, I am going to explain the pros and cons of the Built-In Scroll Depth Trigger in GTM (Google Tag Manager), and also talk about the solutions you can use for Scroll Depth analytics. Using the GTM Built-In Trigger – when you should use it and what are the limitations   When…Continue Reading “A new solution for Google Tag Manager’s Scroll Depth Trigger, to solve variable height problems”

  Year after year, analysts know that when spring comes, Adobe Summit is there to greet it.   This year makes no exception, and the Cognetik team is thrilled to be in Vegas once more, at ground zero of one of the biggest events of 2018 in analytics.   This year we’re proud to announce that we’re among the sponsors of the event, which means we have our own booth where we can meet you all in person.   From Monday to Thursday, the Cognetik…Continue Reading “Adobe Summit, here we come! Don’t miss our demos, cool swag and raffle to win a pair of Bose SoundSport at Booth #957-J”

  Everything we do in life is determined by emotions. In spite of our best attempts to suppress them, we live in a world driven by emotions, which affect the way we behave, the way we live, the way we love and even the way we lead. But what is emotion if not a data source?   What if we could use the same reasoning we use when spending countless hours segmenting data to make it more meaningful and targetable to our own emotions, to…Continue Reading “Courage in the face of emotions: what is emotion if not a data source?”

  Even if Valentine’s Day originally started as a celebration of love, romance and passion, marketers, advertisers and couples around the world successfully turned it into a consumerist holiday. Now retailers from all across the US and the world are fighting to get a slice of the ‘love cake’. According to the National Retail Federation, around 55% of Americans celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2018, while overall spending exceeded 19.6 billion dollars, compared to $18.2 billion last year. Forecasts show that consumers spend around 145 dollars each…Continue Reading “Is love expensive? Consumer spending on Valentine’s Day set to hit a near-record $20 billion”

  Generally, when we think about analytics, we see numbers, KPIs, endless rows of data, structured or unstructured, the excruciating pain of figuring out how to import everything and organize it. But we sometimes forget that everything starts from the foundation.   Being an analyst resembles Maslow’s Pyramid of needs, a motivational theory in psychology comprising a five tier model of human needs, often depicted as hierarchical levels within a pyramid.   Of course, for analysts, the levels are not the classical ones, we have…Continue Reading “Analytics Training Grounds. The most important part of an analyst’s job is asking the right questions. “Before you step into a meeting with a client, you must already have the plan in mind””

  Adobe released the 2017 online shopping data report for the holiday season and Cyber Monday, and the results are staggering. This year marks a new all-time high record, with Cyber Monday being the largest online sales day in history: 6,59 billion dollars spent online by the end of the day.   That’s over $1 billion more than on Cyber Monday 2016, a 16.8% increase year-over-year. The average order value was $123 for iOS devices and $110 for Android devices.   So far, the most lucrative…Continue Reading “Cyber Monday 2017, largest online sales day in history, with a whooping 6.59 billion dollars spent in 24 hours”

E–commerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and this year it seems more determined than ever to eclipse traditional commerce.   The Holiday Season started with a bang this time around: If a few years back, people would build up their expectations regarding Black Friday and would keep holding on to their pockets until the massive advertised sales would go off, this year people started emptying their pockets at Thanksgiving itself.   According to Adobe Data, Thanksgiving sales hit a record…Continue Reading “The e-Commerce Odyssey: The Holiday Season this year is set to hit a new record high. Thanksgiving online sales went up 18% from last year, and the forecast for the Season is skyrocketing”

  Register here to attend the conference and improve your understanding of the analytics industry   We’re hyped and incredibly honored to announce that Daniel, our very own CEO and co-founder, will be a speaker at this year’s ObservePoint Analytics Summit, where top leaders in the digital marketing and analytics industry will discuss innovative and effective methods for optimizing your business.   His presentation, entitled “Combining Multiple Data Sources to Tell the Whole Story”, will show what our team of thinkers and builders did when…Continue Reading “Daniel Herdean, our CEO and co-founder, will be among the 25 leaders in digital marketing and analytics to speak at ObservePoint’s Analytics Summit!”