Case Study: Subway, a journey to digital transformation through personalization

  Most ideas I hear are not based on data, but rather on what people believe. You need to have a model to make those big decisions objective.   Subway undergoes an important digital transformation, in a world where personalizing your customer’s experience is paramount. When each and every one of your customers has hundreds of options, you need to be as precise and accurate as possible when you offer him a personalized experience, one that tailored specifically to his needs.   The Subway digital transformation…Continue Reading “Case Study: Subway, a journey to digital transformation through personalization”

Today is an exciting day for us! Jenn Kunz and I just boarded our flights for Romania, home of the ‘other half’ of Cognetik. We’re thrilled and humbled to announce the start of our Grand Analytics Tour in Romania, a series of free public events in 3 major cities, meant to share the wisdom and knowledge we built in the many years as analysts and engineers for Fortune 500 companies. The Romanian team is an essential part of our business – we found a lot…Continue Reading “The Grand Analytics Tour in Romania: Raising a New Generation of Young Analysts”