We are very excited to introduce Twitter Ads, the advertising solution of one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, as the newest addition to our connector family. Both of our Cognetik products (Cloud Connector) and Data Streams (Data Streams) are now fully integrated with Twitter Ads.   This new Twitter Ads integration will allow marketers, analysts and BI practitioners to have a more comprehensive view on their marketing mix and cross channel campaign performance.   You can easily compare the…Continue Reading “Cognetik Cloud Connector And Data Streams Now Include Twitter Ads In Their Connectors List”

  We’re thrilled to announce that part of Cognetik’s digital analytics ‘special forces’ team will be joining the analytics community at this year’s Tableau Conference, where we’ll be having our very own booth to meet with you. If you’re participating at TC17, come and meet with us at booth #456! We’d be thrilled to talk to you in person.   From Monday to Thursday, the Cognetik team will be present at Booth 456 at the Mandalay Convention Center. We’ll be providing free demos of the…Continue Reading “Tableau Conference 2017: Stop by Cognetik’s booth to learn about two free products that save you time and make your life easier! Free demos at #456”

  It’s been less than half a year since we launched the first FREE Cloud-Data-to-Tableau connector, and we’ve already helped hundreds of companies around the world ease the work of their analytics team.   Among many other things, it made importing Adobe Analytics to Tableau so much easier that we like to say we finally allowed Tableau to love Adobe Analytics. Same goes for Adwords, Kochava, Bing, and all other data sources that we support.   In these months we’ve managed to greatly reduce the…Continue Reading “First free Cloud-Data-to-Tableau connector: helping hundreds of companies, saving thousands of hours of work, importing millions of data streams. 4 Reasons why we’re offering it for free”

Our Cognetik “Plug & Play” Cloud Connector is now available for free, to the benefit of marketers and analysts worldwide!

– Marketers and analysts can now use our Cognetik Cloud Connector to get their Adobe Analytics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, AdWords, Bing Ads, and Kochava data in Tableau.
– This is the only free connector of its kind, saving time & money for Tableau users worldwide