We are very excited to introduce Twitter Ads, the advertising solution of one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, as the newest addition to our connector family. Both of our Cognetik products (Cloud Connector) and Data Streams (Data Streams) are now fully integrated with Twitter Ads.   This new Twitter Ads integration will allow marketers, analysts and BI practitioners to have a more comprehensive view on their marketing mix and cross channel campaign performance.   You can easily compare the…Continue Reading “Cognetik Cloud Connector And Data Streams Now Include Twitter Ads In Their Connectors List”

    This is the first completely free solution to migrate clickstream and marketing data to data warehouses such as Snowflake, Teradata, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, as well as Amazon Redshift, MySQL and Google BigQuery. Read below for additional features you can test with Data Streams by Cognetik Thousands of analysts already use it, sign up here to try it out yourself. Data Streams, one of our two free products, got an important update today: analysts, BI practitioners,¬†and marketers can now migrate analytics and marketing…Continue Reading “Data Streams by Cognetik now supports Snowflake, Teradata, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server”