Today is an exciting day for us! Jenn Kunz and I just boarded our flights for Romania, home of the ‘other half’ of Cognetik. We’re thrilled and humbled to announce the start of our Grand Analytics Tour in Romania, a series of free public events in 3 major cities, meant to share the wisdom and knowledge we built in the many years as analysts and engineers for Fortune 500 companies. The Romanian team is an essential part of our business – we found a lot…Continue Reading “The Grand Analytics Tour in Romania: Raising a New Generation of Young Analysts”

One of the most anticipated presentations at the Adobe Summit this year was the launch of Adobe’s  Auto-Target, a new automated personalization tool which uses machine learning to empower better A/B testing. Auto-Target, which is coming out this month, extends its capability beyond just personalized images, and offers custom variations of page content mix. You will be able to access Auto-Target from Adobe Target just by selecting the radio button when specifying how to allocate traffic during creation of any A/B test activity. In addition,…Continue Reading “First look into the new Auto-Target, one of the most helpful features launched at the Adobe Summit”

I know a lot of folks are eager to know what the new version of Launch (formerly known unofficially as “Reactor”) means for them. Adobe’s official news doesn’t hold a lot of tactical info, so we will update this post as information becomes more publicly available! (Hat tip to Randy Floyd for the pic).  Integrations in the Launch open framework Currently in DTM, you have built-in tools for the Adobe products as well as Google Analytics. Any other tags you want to deploy get lumped into the “third…Continue Reading “Breaking News: The New DTM “Launch” Is Official!”

I hate flying, but here I am, descending through some very turbulent air into Las Vegas. But I’m not feeling anxious at all. It’s not Xanax or alcohol. It’s the excitement I feel when I think of spending the week at this year’s Adobe Analytics Summit. Whoohoo! I’ve been working with Adobe Analytics since they were on version 6, more than a decade ago. I feel a great sense of gratefulness, because I was able to build a career and a company primarily based on…Continue Reading “Excited about the next four days! Whoohooo, Adobe Summit, here we are!”