Back in 2007, I decided to change my path, leaving behind a successful career in TV as a producer. I was able to use my project management experience as the entry point to digital marketing and analytics. I also joined Market Motive, in a crash course to learn about marketing online, and obtained their “Master Certified in Digital Analytics” certificate. Nine years later, I had to undergo Domo partner training, which focused more than 40% of the time on how to define a customer’s need…Continue Reading “Lights, data, action! What do TV Production & Analytics have in common?”

Today America is celebrating its 242nd birthday, marking just as many years since the Declaration of Independence was signed back in 1776 by the founding fathers of our nation. Although its memory is kept vivid in our minds by the annual Holiday, today the Fourth of July means a lot more than independence. It is a celebration of America, in all its forms. And, of course, of its retail power 🙂 . To help you visualize the grandeur of the event, we have gathered some…Continue Reading “Making data fun on the Fourth of July: 150 million hot dogs eager to be eaten, $7.2 billion waiting to be spent and 270 million pounds of fireworks ticking in boxes”

Project management scares many analytics consultants. Through my career I’ve seen fewer and fewer subject matter experts with project management skills. Yet, it is critical to any analytics initiative success. In this blog, I will offer some ideas and hope to start a conversation around this subject. On a high level, there are two main project management methodologies:      Agile / Scrum      Waterfall While we will not go into each in detail, I will point out the main difference. An agile project management method is built…Continue Reading “Project management in analytics: No matter how scary, it’s critical to any analytics initiative success”

Last month we started a new series about content analytics. In the first article, ‘Social Media in the age of free, unlimited information. Do people really want to be lied to?’, I presented the reasoning behind companies’ and publications’ decisions to choose flawed KPIs to measure their achievements and to track their performance. This next series will present the business models a company operating in the content industry can use to monetize its content.   There are several possible content-specific business models for the digital…Continue Reading “The four business models for the content industry and the KPIs you should never use”

Our Cognetik “Plug & Play” Cloud Connector is now available for free, to the benefit of marketers and analysts worldwide!

– Marketers and analysts can now use our Cognetik Cloud Connector to get their Adobe Analytics, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pages, AdWords, Bing Ads, and Kochava data in Tableau.
– This is the only free connector of its kind, saving time & money for Tableau users worldwide   

  Do people want to be lied to? Why can’t they help uncovering the truth behind an informational gap, in an age where information is unlimited and free? Information is everywhere. Information is free. We’re used to getting it all in one place, getting it all in exchange for nothing and we, most often than not, rely on single sources to argue our points of view or shape one’s positions regarding any given topic. After all, if it’s on the Internet, and if it appears…Continue Reading “Social media in the age of free, unlimited information. Do people really want to be lied to?”

The Atlanta metro area will soon swell to 6 million people and we are at the top of many lists, including:        Top Cities for Millennials (#2)        Best Cities for Web Developers (#1), and        Nerdiest Cities in America (#1) Forbes noted last month that Atlanta is the Number 3 U.S. city poised to become a Tech Mecca, and we have opened more innovation centers here than any other area in the U.S., except for Silicon Valley.   All these accolades may give one the impression that…Continue Reading “Analytics Rise Up: One of the best cities in the US for data analysts”

As analysts or marketers, we have so many balls we are already juggling, that it can be difficult to make sure that any number of executives are kept up to date on how the certain elements of the business are performing. Granted, we should have dashboards for this exact purpose! But when a new campaign is being run that is the boss’s pet campaign, you won’t want to update your dashboard just for that campaign. We need an easier way for these one-off requests to…Continue Reading “Create Comparisons Right in Adobe Analysis Workspace”

Inventing A Hand-Built Type of Wheel?

Ten years ago, I joined a then-cutting edge marketing strategy boutique consultancy. Staffed with former elite business school and strategy consulting firm grads, I was hired as the interactive thought leader and tapped to start the ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) practice.

Hello, world!

We are now blogging. Our desire to share with our professional community is finally greater than our shyness.  So here we are.  We will share how-to’s, guides, perspectives, and anything else we believe our analytics community will benefit from.  Before we swing open the gates, I wanted to share few words about who we are. We are a group of thinkers and builders on a mission to enable companies to surface valuable insights in their data. It’s not just a job, it’s our mission. If you…Continue Reading “Hello, world!”