Sherri Benzelock, VP of Business Analytics at Honeywell, shared her insights on implementing Tableau in the organization, an operation that she described as both difficult and fulfilling. Honeywell is a Fortune 100 conglomerate, with 40 billion dollars sales in 2016, and over 131.000 employees in around 70 countries.   Sherri focused on Honeywell’s oil refinery business solutions, in which the company created blueprints for oil refineries. Essentially, they stream the data back from refineries, analyze it and make recommendations of how they can operate more effectively.  …Continue Reading “Case Study – Honeywell’s use of Tableau: From 0 to 18,000 users in 2 years, $10 million incremental sales increase. Sherri Benzelock, VP Business Analytics: “Sponsorship within the organization is the absolute key to transformation!””

  David Bobrow, Nissan, senior Domain Applicant Architect at Nissan North America, shared his experience with transitioning Nissan to Tableau and he presented the stages he and his team had to go through in order to get from 0 to more than 1,500 users in just a year.   When Nissan first started with Tableau, they only had 30 people to take advantage to their 100 licences in the whole organization.   “Day one, walking in, people had to deal with Tableau, not knowing anything about…Continue Reading “Nissan Case Study, live from TC17: The challenges and solutions of implementing Tableau from scratch. “In one year we went from 0 to 1,500 users””

  Jock Mackinlay, the VP for Research & Design at Tableau, describes the four roles in visual analysis during his talk at Tableau Conference 2017. The roles are not mutually exclusive and they are represented by consumer, vizzer, analyst & author.   Consumer   We’re all data consumers most of the time. It’s only when we are answering questions for others that we leave the roles of consumers. The way in which we consume data is through reports, emails, dashboards, etc. Moreover, we are transitioning…Continue Reading “One person, four different roles. How can a visual analyst be a consumer, vizzer, analyst and author”

  Day 2 at the Tableau Conference 2017 was marked by a series of explosive new updates for Tableau, a lot of amazing talks and an incredible buzz of analysts from all across the globe bonding, sharing experiences and working together to bring the industry forward.   The highlight of Day 2 was the Keynote talk in the morning, where Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky and a team of executives at Tableau presented their vision for Tableau, together with three new amazing updates: the new Hyper…Continue Reading “Day 2 of TC17 at a glance: Explosive talks, amazing new Tableau updates and more. Read about busted myths in analytics, new revelations from Tableau developers, insights from Chipotle, Coca-Cola, Netflix and many others”

  Zach Sippl, Director of Business Intelligence at Chipotle, and Neil Sharma, Sr. BI Analyst, had an incredible talk about how they managed to refresh a struggling business with the power of data and analytics.   Zach Sippl said that only one year ago, Business Intelligence was in a unique spot. They had hundreds of reports, but they all looked “kinda the same”. The first thing the analytics team did was to start updating the reporting and unify it under a common tool, so that…Continue Reading “Chipotle Case Study, fresh from TC17: From zero to 800 Tableau users in only 3 months. ”Never let a good crisis go to waste. We have to use data to change the way we think””

Tableau Conference LIVE updates – Exciting new Features in the Queue!

Tableau just had their “Dev’s on Stage” keynote, which is a detailed description of all the new features they are releasing. We thought you would want to hear about this as well, so hear is the list! Sorting New Nested Sorting – You don’t have to build custom calculations anymore. Automatically calculates based upon global dimensions, which means nested sorting is easier than ever now. Viz in Tooltip – You can have sheets within a tooltip now! Straight crazy. Gridlines within Dashboard – You can…Continue Reading “Tableau Conference LIVE updates – Exciting new Features in the Queue!”

  The first Keynote Talk of the TC17 started explosively, as Adam Selipsky, Tableau CEO, and other executives from the company made some amazing announcements for the analytics community, starting with a new update: Tableau 10.5.   Tableau 10.5 is officially in Public Beta, immediately available for download. The update comes with a incredible new data engine: Hyper, which will be a lot faster than the previous one, and will be able to process vast amounts of data in a much time frame.   Tableau…Continue Reading “Explosive announcements at TC17. New features coming to Tableau Software: A new data engine, Project Maestro, Extensions API and more”

  What do you think of when you think of Tableau? BI reporting? Pretty graphs? Slow load times? Well, get ready to change your mindset, because Tableau is expanding into more areas of the analytics space. After attending their first keynote this morning at the Tableau Conference, it’s pretty clear they are looking to become more than just a reporting tool.   The first major issue Tableau is hoping to tackle is data governance, which is a worthy adversary. We all know this is a…Continue Reading “How Tableau is Becoming More Important to Your Organization”

Tableau CEO Adam Selipsky and a few other data leaders “busted” five different myths in the analytics world that people take for granted, but are, in fact, wrong.   “Myths are often used to explain the unexplainable. What fascinates me about myths is how they were used to influence people’s beliefs and actions. It was not always benign. The impact of myths did not end in the ancient times. we still create myths today, in the community of data”, said Adam Selipsky.   Myth number…Continue Reading “5 Data myths busted at the Tableau Conference 2017. Where do analysts get it wrong?”

  We’re already at Day 2 of the TC17, and we must say: Day 1 was a resounding success. Data people showed up by the thousands and we could see the excitement on their faces. There was a line in front of every booth, people showed a lot of interest in products and services data analytics companies presented.   A DJ kept everyone awake, while we had food for the ages and enjoyed ourselves talking to people for three hours. We were extremely happy to…Continue Reading “Day 1 at the Tableau Conference 2017: Data hive people showed up by the thousands, lined up in front of the booths and had a great time. Quote of the day: It’s exciting to collect data, but sometimes it tells you what you don’t want to know”