Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, the authors of Freakonomics, one of the world’s bestsellers, had an incendiary talk at the Tableau Conference 2017. They both opened up and talked about real life experiences and how they got to be the thought leaders they are today.   While they both kept joking about being antisocial, honestly, they were both a sensation on the stage, so maybe their sociability strength is really in numbers.   Steven Levitt, today a world class economist, told us about his…Continue Reading “TC17 update: A freakish talk from ‘Freakonomics’ authors. “The world is so unbelievably complex, that best you can hope to do is to have really stylized fake versions of the world””

Emotional Intelligence Tableau Edition – A Dashboard for Your Soul

Since I am at the Tableau Conference right now, I thought I would write my next emotional intelligence blog post through the lens of a dashboard. You might not be aware of this, but dashboards have use outside of the field of analytics and reporting. The concept of a dashboard can act as a mental model for us to better understand specific components of life; in this case – emotions. In this article I want to outline how we can use the idea of a…Continue Reading “Emotional Intelligence Tableau Edition – A Dashboard for Your Soul”

  Jock Mackinlay, the VP for Research & Design at Tableau, describes the four roles in visual analysis during his talk at Tableau Conference 2017. The roles are not mutually exclusive and they are represented by consumer, vizzer, analyst & author.   Consumer   We’re all data consumers most of the time. It’s only when we are answering questions for others that we leave the roles of consumers. The way in which we consume data is through reports, emails, dashboards, etc. Moreover, we are transitioning…Continue Reading “One person, four different roles. How can a visual analyst be a consumer, vizzer, analyst and author”

  Every week, we’re bringing you the latest news, trends and product launches taking place in the analytics industry.   Google Analytics finally fixed AMP pages measurement   AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages – is becoming increasingly popular among site owners as a solution for speeding up mobile pages. However, despite the rapid adoption, the development of accurate measurement tools for the AMP sites has lagged behind. Until now.   Previously, if somebody was browsing an AMP page and a non-AMP page of a website,…Continue Reading “Last week’s news – AMP measurement is catching up; Retailers are quickly adopting predictive analytics & machine learning for their supply chain; GA announced improved transparency among account users “

An analytics practice has some unique challenges as far as project management goes. They are accountable for delivering quality data, but there are many elements out of their control: once you deliver technical specifications, you have to “hurry up and wait” until developers have questions or are ready for validation documentation and validation often happen on “moving targets”, where the site map or functionality may be in flux right up until they are released release cycles rarely include a window of time with a stable…Continue Reading “Building a Strong Analytics Practice: #3- Putting Processes in Place”