PageSpeed Insights just got smarter, and it’s now using real-world data for even more in-depth suggestions. Could this be one of the clearest mirrors for developers to see themselves and their creations through the ever wandering-eyes of Google?   The tool provides information about how well a page performs and adheres to a set of best practices. Since optimization will be key to the new ranking system Google is rolling out, having a high score is vital for a website to have a real…Continue Reading “Google’s PageSpeed Insights got smarter and uses real-world data for powerful suggestions”

  While Google is preparing to roll-out the new mobile first index ranking system, the tech giant released a new SEO Audit tool for website owners to have in their arsenal and to evaluate the performance of their websites.   The new SEO automated audit tool will be implemented in the Lighthouse extension and, if used right, it will allow marketers to increase the quality of their web-pages.   The Lighthouse extension allows developers to run audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps compatibility and…Continue Reading “The new SEO Audit tool from Google is now available. How’s your website doing?”

  Everything we do in life is determined by emotions. In spite of our best attempts to suppress them, we live in a world driven by emotions, which affect the way we behave, the way we live, the way we love and even the way we lead. But what is emotion if not a data source?   What if we could use the same reasoning we use when spending countless hours segmenting data to make it more meaningful and targetable to our own emotions, to…Continue Reading “Courage in the face of emotions: what is emotion if not a data source?”

  Even if Valentine’s Day originally started as a celebration of love, romance and passion, marketers, advertisers and couples around the world successfully turned it into a consumerist holiday. Now retailers from all across the US and the world are fighting to get a slice of the ‘love cake’. According to the National Retail Federation, around 55% of Americans celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2018, while overall spending exceeded 19.6 billion dollars, compared to $18.2 billion last year. Forecasts show that consumers spend around 145 dollars each…Continue Reading “Is love expensive? Consumer spending on Valentine’s Day set to hit a near-record $20 billion”

  Google Analytics started rolling out Audiences, the new report they’ve talked about a few weeks back, without any additional announcement from the company. Instead, GA is notifying users about the new update within the platform, upon login.   Cognetik wrote in more detail about the upcoming GA update when it was originally announced, in this blogpost: Google Analytics, the most popular reporting platform, is getting four new functions.     Prior to collecting any data for this report, analysts have to enable Demographics and Interests, configure…Continue Reading “Google Analytics quietly started rolling out the new Audiences report”

  The new Google Search Console – one of the most anticipated launches of the year (so far) – is rolling out for all verified users, after months of comprehensive tests and optimizations. This comes a few months after Google released a beta version to a limited number of users.   Within the coming weeks, all verified users will have access to the new Search Console, allowing them to benefit from the new Search Performance, Index Coverage, AMP status and Job Posting reports.   Search Performance…Continue Reading “What You Need to Know About Google’s New Search Console”

  Cognetik is bringing you this week’s news in the analytics industry! Every week we will keep you updated with the latest trends, news and launches in the industry so you are always informed.     Global Healthcare Analytics market is skyrocketing   As the analytics industry moves forward, it is expanding into more and more areas, helping companies from industries such as retail, science and medicine to transform themselves. A new market study shows that the healthcare analytics market is rising at a 12%…Continue Reading “This week’s news in analytics – Global Healthcare Analytics market skyrockets, while traditional retail is suffocated by e-commerce”

  Generally, when we think about analytics, we see numbers, KPIs, endless rows of data, structured or unstructured, the excruciating pain of figuring out how to import everything and organize it. But we sometimes forget that everything starts from the foundation.   Being an analyst resembles Maslow’s Pyramid of needs, a motivational theory in psychology comprising a five tier model of human needs, often depicted as hierarchical levels within a pyramid.   Of course, for analysts, the levels are not the classical ones, we have…Continue Reading “Analytics Training Grounds. The most important part of an analyst’s job is asking the right questions. “Before you step into a meeting with a client, you must already have the plan in mind””

Google Analytics, the most popular reporting platform, is getting four new functions

  Google Analytics, the most popular reporting tool in the world, is getting 4 new functions for more user-centric insights. As brands are struggling to define their business and to deliver experiences according to customer’s expectations, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand how users engage across devices and channels and how they use your products.     After Google Analytics added Natural Language Queries, to ease the life of marketers and junior analysts across the globe, it would seem that Google is continuing the trend…Continue Reading “Google Analytics, the most popular reporting platform, is getting four new functions”

  If a few years back, we would only hear whispers about big data, and people couldn’t really fathom what it really meant and how it could benefit their businesses, this year marks an important step forward for our industry: since 2017, 53% of companies are adopting big data analytics. Exactly how important is this milestone? In 2015, a little more than two years ago, only 17% of the companies were adopting big data, with telecom and financial services leading the platoon of early adopters.  …Continue Reading “2017: An important milestone for the analytics industry. More than half of companies are adopting big data analytics”